Campboss by All 4 Adventure Tyre Deflator


Superior quality, anti-corrosive coating over a nickel-plated body, laser-etched gauge to measure accurate reading for precise pressures. Quality stainless steel internal components and a convenient neoprene pouch. This has to be the best product since they invented the wheel – by the time you attach the last one, the first has done its job! 2 walks around the car and things are done in no time! Now to invent an inflation device as speedy.

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Fast Deflation, Accurate and Easy to Use

4 x Boss Air – automatic tyre deflators
1 x Premium protective storage pouch

The Campboss, by All 4 Adventure, Air Tyre Deflators are the best time-saving recovery device that you will ever need. It is the fastest most effective way to deflate multiple tyres at once, so you will spend less time kneeling down beside your vehicle and more time having fun off-road.

The Boss Air takes half the time to deflate your tyre than a conventional valve removal tyre deflator. They really are the “set and forget” method of deflating tyres, with the locking ring to maintain the pre-set pressure for next use. They will stop the deflation automatically at your pre-set PSI, ranging from 5 – 30psi. The Boss Air tyre deflators are compact, lightweight and easy to use.