Trailer Manufacturers’ First Choice For Steel Wheels

Why Infinity Wheels are the obvious choice for Trailer Manufacturers in Australia

If you are a trailer manufacturing business in Australia, you’ll be wanting to value add your product with the right choice of steel wheels for your trailers. Choose steel wheels because they’re stronger, better priced and last longer. Choose Infinity Wheels because of their thicker and stronger construction, and because they are guaranteed to be the best value for money.

Add to your reputation, by choosing ours.

Infinity Wheels have been supplying hundreds of trailer manufacturers across Australia for the last 2 decades. Our new options include wheel and tyre packages at unbeatable prices. The benefit to you is time-savings, consistency of quality and value for money.

Partnering Opportunity

Learn more, talk with Infinity Wheels about your wheel specs and volumes. Take the first step and pop us a note, so we can follow up with you.

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