Infinity Wheels Premises Queensland

About Infinity Wheels

Designed To Last

Infinity Wheels was born of a lifetime of experience in the wheel and tyre industry. We built our manufacturing standards to eclipse competitors, delivering a superior product, designed to last a lifetime. Australia’s outback offers harsh climatic conditions and uniquely challenging offroad terrain. Be confident that Infinity Wheels will keep you safe and mobile.

Infinity Wheels has been the four year vision of a 33 year tyre industry veteran looking to sink his teeth into something other than selling tyres. Whilst not always plain sailing, the business has worked closely with consultants and manufacturers to provide a product that is second to none in the Australian steel 4×4 and trailer wheel market. An industry that has no clear market leader.

It seems most wholesalers think a steel 4×4 and trailer wheel is a product that requires no special attention to its quality or its presentation, and yet there are literally tens of thousands sold in Australia every month.

At Infinity Wheels, our aim is to provide only the highest quality premium steel wheels that money can buy. In fact from product quality to packaging, Infinity intends to stamp its name as the market leader. Wheels made with higher than required load ratings, so as to withstand the harshest of Australian road conditions. Wheels that will cope with the punishment of most 4×4 usage.

“From the city to the never never”, Infinity will carry your vehicle there.