The ZIEX ZE914 ECORUN is the next generation, high-performance tyre made for Australian roads. Engineered for performance and cost saving fuel efficiency, the low rolling resistance compound offers more mileage and better wet braking. The tyre features an asymmetric tread pattern with four straight and wide circumferential grooves for hydroplane resistance. The high-rigidity rib construction provides good wet and dry braking stability. Slots and sipes can be found throughout the tyre, optimised for even tread wear, comfort and traction.

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14" TYRE

175/65R14 (82H), 185/60R14 (82H), 185/65R14 ((86H)

15" TYRE

175/60R15 (81H), 175/65R15 (84H), 185/55R15 (86V), 185/60R15 (84H), 185/65R15 (88H), 195/50R15 (82V), 195/55R15 (85V), 195/60R15 (88H), 195/65R15 (91H), 205/50R15 (86V), 205/55R15 (88V), 205/60R15 (91H), 205/65R15 (94H), 215/65R15 (96H), 225/60R15 (96W)

16" TYRE

185/55R16 (83V), 195/45R16 (84V), 195/50R16 (84V), 195/55R16 (87V), 195/55R16 (91V) XL, 195/55RF16 (87W) *RUNFLAT*, 195/60R16 (89V), 205/45R16 (87V), 205/50R16 (87V), 205/55R16 (91V), 205/55RF16 (91W) *RUNFLAT*, 205/60R16 (96V), 215/55R16 (97W), 215/60R16 (99H), 215/65R16 (98H), 225/50R16 (96W), 225/55R16 (99W), 225/60R16 (98W), 235/60R16 (100W)

17" TYRE

205/40R17 (84W), 205/45R17 (88W), 205/50R17 (93W), 215/40R17 (87W), 215/45R17 (91W), 215/50R17 (91W), 215/55R17 (94W), 215/60R17 (96H), 225/45R17 (94W), 225/45RF17 (91W) *RUNFLAT*, 225/50R17 (94W), 225/50RF17 (94W) *RUNFLAT*, 225/55R17 (101W), 225/60R17 (99V), 225/65R17 (102V), 235/45R17 (94W), 235/50R17 (96W), 235/55R17 (99W), 235/60R17 (102H), 235/65R17 (108V), 245/40R17 (91W), 245/45R17 (95W)

18" TYRE

215/40R18 (89W), 215/45R18 (93W), 215/55R18 (95H), 225/40R18 (92W), 225/45R18 (95W), 225/55R18 (98H), 225/60R18 (100H), 235/40R18 (95W), 235/50R18 (101W), 235/55R18 (100V), 235/60R18 (107V), 235/65R18 (106H), 245/40R18 (97W), 245/45R18 (100W), 255/35R18 (94W), 265/35R18 (97W)